Best Beaches in New Jersey

Are you planning a trip to the beach but need to decide which beach to go to? The beaches mentioned in this article are all great to go to when you are on vacation. 

The best beaches in New Jersey include the famous Asbury Park, Ocean City, Wildwood, and Brigantine. There is fun to be had by the whole family, and many beaches are now dog-friendly, which is good news for pet parents. Boardwalks and beautiful sandy beaches are always a pleasure to experience.  

Hopefully, you have some idea of the kind of beach you want to explore. In this article, you will find out more about the best beaches and hotspots in New Jersey.

Before, let me answer some of the most frequently asked question by our readers. You can directly jump to the Best Beaches in NJ Section.

What are the top beaches to visit near Jersey City?

The Sandy Hook is the best beach in Jersey City. I would recommend checking out Sandy Hook, which is part of the Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area. It’s a seven-mile barrier island where you can even spot the NYC skyline. Another great option is Sea Isle City. It is know for soft sand and relaxed atmosphere.

Which NJ beach has the best boardwalk?

According to me it’s hard to find a better pier than the one in Atlantic City. It’s the oldest pier in America, stretching over 4 miles long, the longest boardwalk in the world. In addition, there are nine casinos nearby so you can try your luck at the table games after a day at the beach.

What is the largest beach in New Jersey?

While it’s hard to determine the single largest beach in New Jersey, one of the most expansive areas is Wildwood Crest, with its wide and sandy beaches. Wildwood Crest is also known for its lengthy, action-packed boardwalk which offers a little something for everyone.

Where can I find the cleanest beach in NJ?

I’d say that Asbury Park Beach is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a clean beach in New Jersey. The water here is pristine and perfect for various beach activities such as surfing, swimming, and fishing. Rest assured, you’ll find it easy to relax and enjoy your time at this beautiful spot!

Best Beaches in NJ

Going to the shore is a time-honored summer pastime that many people in the garden state and the surrounding areas enjoy during the warmer seasons. The shoreline stretches from Sandy Hook to Cape May. You may be familiar with some of the best beaches in New Jersey, but you may not be aware of all of them:

Sandy Hook Beach in Jersey

Sandy Hook Beach 

Sandy Hook is a popular beach destination for those who appreciate a beach trip minus the boardwalk. Sandy Hook is a section of the Gateway National Recreation Region, which means it is an area that is protected. The beach boasts an area six miles long with many public spaces and walking trails. Sandy Hook has clear, deep blue water that is kid-friendly and safe. 

The soft grainy sand is ample and boundless, and the beach is miraculously clean. The main highlights of Sandy Hook:

  • Sun
  • Sand
  • Waves
  • Lighthouses 

What more could you ask for? Sandy Hook is just a short ferry ride from Manhattan, New York. Surfing and windsurfing are fun to do on this beach. There is also a sizable nude beach called Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook. The Sandy Hook lighthouse, built in 1764, is the oldest lighthouse in the United States and is a part of the location’s rich history. 

Another remarkable feature of Sandy Hook Beach is that it welcomes our four-legged furry friends. It is a beautiful place to play fetch with your dog. Whether lying in the sun soaking up the rays or dipping your feet in the water, Sandy Hook is an excellent beach for a day trip to this beautiful shore.

Brigantine Beach in NJ

Brigantine Beach  

Brigantine is exceptionally close to New Jersey hotels. This beach hosts movie nights on the sand, and it is the perfect low-key scene for a first date. The best ice cream shops on shore land exist at Brigantine Beach. Aunt B’s is the most popular spot to get a fantastic creamy cup of vanilla or mint chocolate chip ice cream, and you have got to try it. 

There is also shopping and gorgeous sunsets to enjoy. You can also saddle up and go for a horseback ride on the beach from October to March. Brigantine also has the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, home to many sea creatures:

  • Seals 
  • Whales
  • Dolphins 
  • Sea turtles 

This center is admirable because it has an intensive care unit to help sick mammals. It is not open to the public, but you can learn some extraordinary things from the Ocean Beach Discovery program, a guided beach walk through dunes to discover how essential plants, mammals, and beaches are to the world. You can take the kids, and they will be taught how to identify the fish and reptiles in the area and how to help a stranded sea mammal.

Asbury Park Beach in New Jersey

Asbury Park Beach 

Famous for being featured in a classic Bruce Springsteen song, Asbury Park is a great place to go if you love to be social, as it tends to draw quite a crowd of beachgoers. The boardwalk is the place to be at this beach, and you can even bring Fido to the Eighth Avenue Dog Beach. Asbury Park also has one of the most vibrant live music scenes. 

Almost every bar at this beach offers fantastic live music. Remember how Springsteen and Bon Jovi’s careers were launched at the iconic hot spot, The Stone Pony? Springsteen is still known to hang out there to this day. With a clean white sand beach that will inspire a strategically built sand castle, Asbury Park Beach is one of the best places.

Wildwood N.J. Beach in New Jersey
Wildwood N.J. Beach

Wildwood Beach

Known for being a family beach, Wildwood has fun-filled amusement parks with some of the greatest waterslides ever. Morey’s Pier hosts a variety of activities. The beach is five miles long, and a world-famous boardwalk is available to the public. The Original Fudge Company, home to the world’s best fudge and saltwater taffy, has operated for over 50 years. 

Since the 1930’s Wildwood has been a popular beach spot for anyone who wants to be thoroughly entertained, the Wildwood dog park and beach will be fun for you and your playful pup. There is plenty of room for your dog to run around, and the beach is beautiful and relaxing. The waves are ideal for some fun in the sun and surfing. Wildwood also has some of the best bars you can find.

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Ocean City Beach NJ

Ocean City

Another family favorite, Ocean City, is a beautiful place to go for a vacation. When visiting Ocean City, you must stroll on the boardwalk, as it is 2.5 miles long and a hotbed of activities with fun things to do. There are amusement park rides and seaside restaurants. The boardwalk is accessible all day long and is a phenomenal tourist attraction. It was first built in 1880 and gradually developed over time. 

Ocean City is the ideal place for recreational activities:

  • Hockey rink 
  • Soccer field 
  • Tennis courts
  • Baseball fields
  • Basketball courts
  • 12-hole golf course 

The boardwalk has some excellent fudge shops full of yummy fudge, salt water taffy, and other sweet treats. There is also a waterpark open to the public during the summer. Ocean City stretches for eight miles along the coastline. The beach is clean, has impressive features, and is full of protected dunes and wetlands. If you want a fun place to take the kids, try Ocean City, New Jersey.

Cape May Beach in NJ

Cape May 

Cape May is one of the prettiest places to go, with its turquoise waters and vast white sands. This beach town is the perfect place for photographers and artists. This trip is scenic, laid-back, and serene. The Cape May lighthouse was constructed in 1859 and is a significant tourist attraction. Emlen Physick Estate is a Victorian mansion made into a museum, and you should only visit Cape May if you check it out. 

Victorian architecture is commonplace in Cape May. There is no shortage of activities, as there are dolphin-watching cruises that marine lovers will surely love. You can walk on surrounding nature trails. You can enjoy wholesome, nutritious food from Beach Plum Farm, which grows its fruits and vegetables. You should sit on Sunset Beach at night, as the view is spectacular. Pick up a few quartz pebbles to take with you to keep the memory of the experience fresh in your mind. Cape May is the United States’ oldest seaside resort and is well worth a visit.

Sea Isle City Beach in New Jersey

Seaside Heights 

Seaside Heights is the ultimate resort community with many popular bars. Boardwalk entertainment is part of the attraction. The Funtown Pier and the Casino Pier are the amusement park hotspots on the boardwalk. The boardwalk stretches for 2 miles. Famous for the place where MTV’s Jersey Shore was filmed, you can take the Jersey Shore house tour. There are also arcades and countless places to grab a tasty bite.

Point Pleasant New Jersey Beach

Point Pleasant Beach

Point Pleasant Beach is a popular destination in New Jersey. There are so many fun places to see and experience at Pont Pleasant. Uncle Vinnie’s comedy club is famous for its comedians like Andrew Dice Clay and Jim Florentine. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is a great place to take a stroll. So many great things to do at Point Pleasant:

  • Arcades 
  • Aquarium
  • Batting cages 
  • Amusement park rides 

The frozen custard alone is enough to make you want to go back. You can also enjoy the best French cuisine in the restaurant, Daniels Bistro. Reds Lobster Pot is a seaside restaurant that serves delicious locally caught lobster and clams. There is even a brewery that serves beer that you can share with your dog, and they have a dog-friendly tasting room where you can sample some of the best beers you can get at the shore.

Sea Isle City Beach in New Jersey

Sea Isle City

Sea Isle City is an excellent beach with outstanding bars, restaurants, and other activities. Sea Isle was founded in 1882 and offers exceptional scenery. The Boardwalk casino is one of the most popular places in Sea Isle. Games are a big deal here:

  • Racing
  • Pinball
  • Circus games 
  • Modern video games 

This charming little beach town has lovely sights, smells, and sounds. There are crystal blue waters and warm golden sand to sink your feet into. You can go boating or on a fishing tour. Be sure to visit this beach. You will love the seaside atmosphere and the lovely and well-maintained beach.

Long Beach Island in New Jersey

Long Beach Island

Long Beach is a barrier island that offers beauty and activity. It is a more low-key beach, as it does not have a boardwalk. Fantasy Island water park is at this beach, making it a brilliant attraction for kids. The Barnegat Lighthouse is situated at the top of the island. Barnegat Park is beautifully decorated with a maritime forest and a prominent lighthouse. It was built in 1856 and has a rich history. 

During World War II, the lighthouse was used as a lookout place for finding enemy ships. The lighthouse, called “Old Barney,” is a tourist attraction. The park opened to the public in 1957. The surrounding beach is dog-friendly, so bring your pup for a walk on the sand. One hundred thirty miles of stunning coastline region stretches from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Hiking, biking, and jogging are fun pastimes at Long Island Beach.  

Ocean Grove 

Ocean Grove is a great place to go if you are looking to soak up the sun. Having a little picnic under the stars at sunset is also sublime. There are Victorian bed and breakfast inns and a little village nearby. During the summer, it is the best place for fun activities:

  • Boogie boarding 
  • Volleyball games 
  • Inner tube races 
  • Kite flying contests
  • Sandcastle contests

Ocean Grove has a gorgeous beach with clear, turquoise water and soft golden sand. The boardwalk is also an incredible experience. Ocean Grove is also known for its beautiful arts and crafts shows and guided walking tours.

Stone Harbor  

A peaceful resort for families, Stone Harbor, is a beautiful little 7-mile-long beach. There are lovely restaurants, and the surrounding land is natural and serene. The Stone Harbor Aviary Sanctuary is registered as a federal landmark by the National Park Service. At the southern tip is the beach called Stone Harbor Point. You can see Wildwood and Cape May from it. 

The beach is highly approachable due to the many beach paths created for easy access. Stone Harbor offers the many pleasures nature has to give with the Wetlands Institute. You can discover the marsh or go for a beach hike. The beach also has the Stone Harbor bird sanctuary. Go for a long bike ride and see there area where several different kinds of birds exist and call it home. 

Island Beach State Park

With ten miles of coastal dunes and an impeccably clean sandy beach Island Beach Park is a small barrier. The shoreline is a habitat for marine plants and wildlife with forests and marshes. The Island Beach Park Discovery Trails System provides significant recreation. You can go for a horseback ride on the beach, and there are canoeing and kayak tours. There is a great bike path along more than 8 miles of road—portions of the beach permit sailing and surfing. 

Long Branch 

Long Branch is located in Monmouth County and was created in 1867. The beach has an exciting history of visitors and guests. President Grant went there for a summer vacation in 1869 every year for the rest of his life. President Garfield went to recuperate after being shot. The Garfield Tea House is a famous spot that visitors frequent. Fun and relaxation are the mottoes of Long Branch. 

The place where people gather is Pier Village, which is an upscale community that has a boardwalk, boutique shops, and restaurants. The crowd is typically exclusive and expensive. Long Branch has a campground where staying for a night or two is delightful. There is boating and swimming on the beach, as well as surfing and fun in the sun. Longbranch is nicknamed “the friendly city” due to its laid-back vibe. 


Which Jersey Shore location is considered the nicest?

Stone Harbor is often ranked as one of the nicest Jersey Shore locations. It offers miles of soft sands and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere. Other contenders include Long Beach Island and Avalon, both of which are beloved for their pristine, family-friendly beaches.

Are there any popular beach destinations in Asbury Park?

Absolutely! Asbury Park Beach is a mile-long paradise on the New Jersey coastline, popular among locals and visitors alike. It’s known for its clean waters and diverse range of activities, from concerts to art installations. You can also visit the iconic Stone Pony, a well-known music venue that’s hosted legendary acts like Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

Whether you want to go to the shore with your family or a special someone, there is something for everyone on the beaches mentioned in this article. New Jersey has some of the best beaches that exist. 


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