Best Places To Visit in NJ

When visiting any state, you will want to go to some of the best places there are. With different places to visit, you may be wondering what are some of the best places to visit when you go to New Jersey. So, what are the best places to visit in NJ?

Depending on the season, New Jersey has some of the best places to visit. Some of these places to visit are:

  • Exclusive shopping areas
  • Amusement parks
  • Historical sites
  • Nature Parks
  • Zoos and Aquariums

There are so many great experiences you can visit that are considered the best when you are in New Jersey. Continue reading this article to find out what other places are great and what you can do there.

Best Places To Visit in New Jersey

New Jersey Offers Amusement and Nature Parks

When you are visiting New Jersey there are some great parks that are worth the visit. New Jersey not only has Amusement Parks but also nature parks that have so many things to offer when it comes to picnics and walks.

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Amusement Parks in New Jersey

If you love amusement parks, then New Jersey is a great place to visit. There are at least two amusement parks located in NJ that are packed with amazing adventures.

List of Amusement Parks in NJ

  • Six Flags Great Adventure
  • Hurricane Harbor
  • Nickelodeon Universe

 Depending on the season, you are guaranteed to have a blast with friends and family.

Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure offers a great experience when it comes to amusement parks. This amusement park is full of great rides and attractions.

Six Flags Great Adventure New jersey

Some of these rides and attractions in NJ

  • Batman The Ride
  • Cyborg Cyber Spin
  • Dare Devil Dive
  • Congo Rapids
  • Enchanted Teacups
  • Bugaboo
  • Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots

There are rides for everyone including small kids. One of the best aspects of this Six Flags is that they have a drive-thru Safari.

This drive-thru Safari ride is separate and allows you to drive your vehicle through a designated path. You can see animals from different areas.

The list of different area animals

  • Africa
  • Americas
  • Wild Plains
  • Grasslands

Animals include elephants, cattle, and exotic birds. Six Flags in NJ also offers dining, concessions, and shopping available for you and your family to do.

Hurricane Harbor

Hurricane Harbor is a park that is beside Six Flags Great Adventure. This amusement park is designated for the summer months.

You will enjoy the water and splash rides at Hurricane Harbor. They also offer other attractions and dining areas much like Six Flags.

Hurricane Harbor New Jersey

Nickelodeon Universe

Nickelodeon Universe is one of the best amusement parks to visit. Located inside the American Dream Mall, this amusement park is all inside.

Since the park is inside, you can visit whenever you would like: rain or shine.

With tons of fun and adventures, Nickelodeon Universe is great for all ages. 

Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey

Listed are some of the things to do

  • Rides
  • Skating Rink
  • Legoland
  • Mirror maze

The best part is once you are finished inside the amusement park, you can shop in the biggest shopping mall in the state.

Aquariums and Zoos in NJ

If thrill rides and amusement parks aren’t your thing, that’s okay. There are so many beautiful parks to enjoy.

These parks range from zoos to nature walks and have a ton of things to offer.

Turtle Back Zoo

Opened in 1963, the Turtle Back Zoo started with over 100 animals. Among these animals were over 30 different species.

Turtle Back got its name from the large crystals on a mountainside rock formation that resembled the back of a turtle shell.

This zoo is now home to over 800 animals and has at least 200 different species. Turtle Back Zoo has so much to offer to those that visit.

Turtle Back Zoo New Jersey

Some attractions at the Turtle Back Zoo

  • Behind-the-scenes tours
  • Mini Golf Safari
  • A huge prehistoric playground
  • Rides
  • Cafe and restaurants
  • Adventure courses
  • Butterfly Tent

With so many attractions, one may wonder what kind of animal exhibits they have. 

Turtle Back Zoo is home to the listed animals

  • African animals
  • Woodland and farm
  • Reptiles and Birds
  • Australian animals
  • Asia animals
  • Wild American animals

Turtle Back Zoo also has an exhibit called the Touch Tank. The Touch Tank offers a view of some marine life.

At the Touch Tank, you can touch or pet the StingRays as they swim by. Just watch out for the sharks!

With so many animals, it is no wonder that the Turtle Back Zoo has an amazing Sea Turtle Recovery Center.

The zoo has partnered with the Sea Turtle Recovery to help sick and injured sea turtles recover for life back in the sea. The recovery hospital houses at least five tanks and an intensive care unit for those that need a more extensive recovery treatment.

Adventure Aquarium

With a Zoo in NJ, it is only fitting that they have an aquarium. The Adventure Aquarium has over 14,000 aquatic animals that includes one of the largest shark collections in the Northeast.

Adventure Aquarium New Jersey

The Aquarium offers amazing places to visit too. These include:

  • The Market Place to Dine
  • Gift Shop
  • Encounters
  • Awesome Exhibits

When it comes to encounters, the Adventure Aquarium offers one-of-a-kind experiences. These experiences are:

  • Swimming with the sharks and Rays in the Shark & Ray In-Water Encounter
  • Feed the sea turtles with the Sea Turtle Encounter
  • Spend some personal time with a pack of African penguins when you choose the Penguin Pop-In Encounter.

There is also a Touch a Shark attraction. One of the best things about this aquarium is that there are also interactive activities to do with kids on your visit. This can include worksheets and fun facts.

Cape May County Park and Zoo

Cape May County Park and Zoo is a non-profit park and zoo that has beautiful places to enjoy a picnic with your family.

You can enjoy a long scenic drive to the Lion’s Den. Cape May County Park and Zoo is interactive with Bald Eagle exhibits, African Safari areas, and so many other attractions for you to enjoy.

There are concession stands where you can eat or just grab a snack while you visit. A gift shop is also available for you to buy souvenirs.

With playgrounds, kids can enjoy some playtime before, or during their visit.

Parks and Historical Sites in New Jersey

If you are really into parks and historical places to visit when you are on vacation, New Jersey has a great selection. Some of these experiences have educational tours that are fun for the whole family.

Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park is the place to go if you wish to visit the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island, and see the beautiful skyline of New York City.

This park is a great place to visit if you are wanting to visit areas that have memorials such as the Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial.

When taking the Liberty Walk you can have a picnic near a playground for fun of all ages. Since there is a vast area, you can enjoy playing frisbee and football.

Liberty State Park New Jersey

A great thing about this park is that it is the only place in New Jersey that has access to a Ferry to take you to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Barnegat Lighthouse State Park

If you are visiting the beautiful beaches of New Jersey, the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park is a great place to go.

Barnegat Lighthouse is a great area for a picnic, collecting seashells, and exploring. This state park also has a nature conservation and you can fish at the park during your time here.

There is a beautiful lighthouse that overlooks the ocean. However, you will need to pay a fee in order to climb the 217 steps that lead to the most beautiful view.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

If you are a fan of Thomas Edison, then you will love visiting the Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

This park has Edison’s laboratory with the works and inventions he has done. It is also set up into three different categories

  • Artifacts
  • Archives
  • Natural History

This historical park has interactive experiments for the whole family to enjoy. 

Thomas Edison National Historical Park New Jersey

Listed are other inventions that Thomas Edison created

  • Phonographs
  • Motion picture cameras
  • Electrical lighting

There is a gorgeous 29-room Victorian estate where Edison called home for most of his life that you can enjoy.

Other Awesome Things To Do In NJ

If you want some places to shop and just sightsee, New Jersey has a lot to offer. From shopping to baseball, there is a lot more to choose from when it comes to visiting this beautiful state.

Jersey Shore BlueClaws

If you like Minor League Baseball, you will love visiting the Jersey Shore BlueClaws. Being the most loved baseball team in New Jersey, the BlueClaws have a field that is unlike any other.

They have activities for both adults and kids

  • Boardwalk games
  • Mini golf course
  • Entertainment by Buster, the mascot
  • A shopping area
  • Tiki bar for adults on the outfield

When visiting during the summer months, you can enjoy their fireworks show.

With reasonably priced tickets, you can’t go wrong with visiting and seeing one of their games.

Monmouth Park Race Track

Monmouth Park Race Track is a great place to visit if you love horse races. Here you can choose whether or not you want to just enjoy watching the races or take the risk of betting.

Open seven days a week, they not only have a sports bar and kitchen to grab some snacks but also a fine dining restaurant called the Ble Grotto.

They are family-friendly and have all kinds of family activities and festivals to enjoy.

  • Pony rides
  • Face painting
  • Mini-golf
  • A bounce house

You can’t go wrong with visiting here during your trip to New Jersey.

Atlantic City The Boardwalk

This is a great place to visit while in New Jersey. The Atlantic City Boardwalk was once known as a place for adults but has adapted for the fun of all ages to enjoy.

There are lots of things that you can find when you are taking a trip around the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

  • Casinos
  • Bars
  • 5-star restaurants
  • Rides and amusements
  • Saltwater taffy

Here, you will also be able to enjoy exclusive and tourist shopping sprees at local shops. Even though there is a nightlife, do not let it stop you from being able to enjoy all there is to see and do on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey.

Jersey Shore Premium Outlets

If you’re looking for a place to spend the day shopping, Jersey Shore Premium Outlets is the place to go.

Some of the shopping areas

  • Boutiques
  • Jewelers
  • Housewares
  • Exclusive shopping

They have family restrooms available and stroller rentals in case you forget yours. There is also a great playground for the kids to enjoy when they need a break from shopping.

You can definitely spend all day here and enjoy shopping and great food.


When you are visiting New Jersey, you may be wondering where to visit. New Jersey has some great places to visit that include shopping and amusement parks.

There is something for the whole family when it comes to visiting here. Going on The Boardwalk can give you shopping and great rides while visiting an amusement park can give you an experience like no other.

If you like something a little more educational, then visit the Aquarium and historical parks such as the Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

They will give you more insights into what went into the inventions by Thomas Edison and allows you to take a tour around his estate.

If scenic views are what you are after, then visiting the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park would be an excellent choice. If you take the 217 steps up to the top, you will get to see the most beautiful views around.

You can’t go wrong with visiting any area around New Jersey. Just remember to have fun and make memories.

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