Best Places to Live in New Jersey

Best Places to Live in NJ or New Jersey

New Jersey has much to offer its residents, and daily, people move into the state and find their lives forever changed by the magic that is New Jersey. If you are new to the state and looking for a place to call home, there are a few places you should check out. So what are the best places to live in New Jersey?

Knowing the best place to live in New Jersey will boil down to personal taste, but there are some factors you can look for that can help you decide. You can find the amenities that make a city attractive to you and your family by searching the internet. 

So read on and learn about the best places to live in New Jersey and see what suits you the best.

The Best Places to Live in New Jersey

Based on our established factors, we can hone in on the most attractive spot to live in, New Jersey. People who love city life will be drawn to the areas closer to the city, while others could want a home with a history and have the means to purchase homes well above the state average.

1. Princeton

Princeton Town in NJ.
Princeton is probably the best place to live in NJ for most people.

If you want a combination of all the great things about the state, you want to live in Princeton. It has a central location, and the homes are some of the nicest in the region. In addition, it has a vibrant food scene that draws crowds from both Philly and NYC. Princeton is known for its university, but the surrounding area is highly demanding for families.

Some of the reasons that Princeton is such an excellent place to live are as follows:

  • Location – The most significant reason people want to live in Princeton town is centrally located between New York City and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Living here puts you within an hour of each city and gives you access to public transportation to either destination.
  • Income – Some of the most wealthy people in the state live in Princeton. The median house price is over $750k, and the history of the homes is priceless. Residents of Princeton have an average of over $225k income, making them well above the national average.
  • Population – With the high price of homes and large income level, you would think that the town would be packed, but the total population of Princeton is less than 2,500 residents. The city is steeped in history and has a small population that feels more like family than neighbors.

Princeton is one of the most sought-after locations for a home in New Jersey. The small population combined with the high price tag of homes in the area makes it a lucrative spot for rich folks looking to mingle with people from their tax bracket.

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2. Mountain Lakes, NJ

Mountain Lakes Place in NJ

The thing about Mountain Lakes that makes it so special is the rural feeling while being a stone’s throw away from the city lights of NYC. In addition, the small-town vibe equates to a vibrant town lifestyle full of excellent restaurants, bars, and activities. 

Some of the reasons that Mountain Lakes is one of the best places to live in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Location – You couldn’t ask for a better representative of a rural town outside a large city. Mountain Lakes provides its residents with the feel of an upstate New York retreat only a few minutes from the city’s heart. 
  • Population – Mountain Lakes has a small population of just over 4,000 residents. The small population creates an idyllic feel that permeates the shops and stores around town. In addition, the low population works to erase the headache of traffic and excess noise from your mind.
  • Income – Living in small exclusive towns in New Jersey is expensive. The average home price in Mountain Lakes is near the $900k price tag, which fits well with the average income of just over $300k.

Mountain Lakes provides the correct amount of country and city to make it one of the most desirable suburbs in New Jersey. While the price tag for homes is high, you cannot dispute the convenience of being close to the city. Living in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, gives you the best of both worlds.

3. Ocean City

Ocean City Place in NJ

Ocean City in New Jersey is a family-friendly village along the coast that is a hit with locals and visitors alike. It has a world-famous boardwalk and a small population that is made up of vacationers and locals. Ocean City is an island, and living here gives you a perspective that most folks from New Jersey aren’t accustomed to.

Some of the reasons that people list Ocean City as one of the best places to live in New Jersey are:

  • Location – The location of Ocean City is what makes it so attractive. It is located close to several nearby states, and the beach is one of the most visited locations in New Jersey. Being close to the beach is an attraction for anyone, and Ocean City is a small town with many beaches.
  • Population – The population is under 12,000 people. If you are looking for a small spot to raise a family, the population of Ocean City is close-knit and great for children. In addition, the locals form tight bonds that allow them to weather intense winters and enjoy long summer days with low crime and a palpable sense of community.
  • Income – Ocean City is a small town with an income around the state average. This means you can purchase a home in Ocean City within a sensible budget and still have enough money to enjoy your life on the coast.

Ocean City is one of the best places to live in New Jersey because of its location and its availability to families of all income levels. In addition, Ocean City has a small population that allows the crime rate to be low and all faces to be familiar.


Ho-Ho-Kus Area in NJ

While the name sounds like something made up with a meaning, the area could not be more authentic and charming. It is located in Bergen County and regularly ranks in best-of lists for residents and schools. It also has a small population that gives you the feeling of a small town with all the amenities of the city.

Some of the reasons that Ho-Ho-Kus is considered one of the best places in New Jersey to live are as follows:

  • Location – When it comes to being in a perfect place, Ho-Ho-Kus takes the cake. It is one of the gems of Northern New Jersey and has roots dating back to the Native American tribes that inhabited the area. In addition, the town’s founding also goes back more than 300 years with a rich history and thriving arts scene.
  • Population – The population of Ho-Ho-Kus is under 4,500 residents. The small towns in New Jersey are sought after because they border on bodies of water or are located in beautiful forests and streams. Ho-Ho-Kus checks all those boxes and more.
  • Income – The income of the people who live in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, is among some of the highest in the state. The average income is $178k, and the average home price in the area surpasses $788k. Ho-Ho-Kus is a town for elites, and living here could be hard on those just looking for an escape from the city.

Ho-Ho-Kus is located in Northern New Jersey in Bergen County. It is an old area with a rich history and some of the best schools in the state. The population is highly educated and has an income that makes other Jersey residents pale in comparison. Remember that you sometimes cross paths with the most expensive when looking for the best.


The fifth largest city in New Jersey is Edison, named after the famous inventor of the lightbulb and many other items. A constant addition to several ‘best of’ lists, Edison Township is one of those places where the people are happy, and the jobs are numerous. Regarding fascinating histories, Edison takes the cake as it was once a cradle of invention.

Some of the reasons that Edison is one of the best places in New Jersey to live are:

  • Location – Edison is located in the Central part of New Jersey, and some people consider it a crucial part of the commuting workforce of New York City. In addition, residents are only a short drive from Philadelphia and several other regional hotspots.
  • Population – With around 100,000 residents, Edison is a city with a thriving population. They are often highly educated, and the schools in the area are some of the most awarded. While the population is high, the crime rate has lingered around the bottom of the list for several years. 
  • Income – The income in the area is middle of the road, with the average salary being around $100k per year. The area has several great locations to find work, as the Menlo Park Mall always needs workers. In addition, the JFK Medical Center, located in Edison, is one of the most highly rated-treatment centers in the country.

Edison is a great town with an exciting history. When it was a hotbed of invention, its location allowed it fast access to resources and allowed innovation that changed the country. Today, the Township is a thriving marketplace with a famous mall and a Little India market with unique products.

Picking the Best Places to Live in New Jersey

New Jersey is a prime example of how even some of the most industrialized states in the union can still have sprawling areas of fertile farmlands and picturesque backdrops. Sizing up the best places to live comes down to a few factors, like location and income, that galvanize the area’s personality and attract many like-minded people to call the place home.

The Criteria for Selecting the Best Place to Live in New Jersey

You must have a basis for selecting what makes one area stand out. You must have a basis for choosing what makes one place stand out. New Jersey has some of the most attractive home locations in the United States.

The criteria for selecting the best place to live in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Location – In real estate, the biggest attraction is always the location. The good thing about New Jersey is that they are located close to New York State and Pennsylvania, which puts you close to two of the largest cities in the country. Location is vital in New Jersey because where you live impacts how much you can make.
  • Income Level – The population’s income level can vary greatly depending on your location. Those cities and towns near New York City fetch a much higher price than those in the rural parts of the state. Raised income levels mean higher prices for homes in the given area. 
  • Population – Over nine million people are living in the state. The population can significantly impact residents’ satisfaction with their area and several other factors like income level and the price of homes there. The people could have a massive impact on the level of local schools or crime in your chosen area.

The three most significant factors determining residents’ happiness are income, location, and population. Other factors, like history, attract some people but not to the extent they could overtake the big three. Remember that commuting is a critical part of living in NJ for those who want the city bustle while having a home in a more rural community.


New Jersey is an excellent state to make your home. The cities on the list are all located near large cities and have the attributes that make them lovable and homey. In addition, each town has its culture featuring excellent restaurants and exciting nightlife that provide the lifeblood of the communities.

Living in New Jersey requires a higher income than in some other states. The homes are priced higher, but their amenities and access to New York City and Philadelphia make them attractive to executives, large companies, and even families looking to start in the world.


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