Best Public Golf Courses in New Jersey

You wouldn’t think so, but some fantastic golf courses are open to the public in New Jersey. These courses are some of the best in the state, with sprawling footprints and vibrant histories that have shaped the game of golf. So what are the best public golf courses in New Jersey?

One thing that New Jersey is known for is being a hotbed for golf and country clubs. The influx of money from the gigantic cities on its periphery means that when the big dogs want to play, they spend their money across the river in Jersey. For ordinary folks, there is a need for public courses that don’t hedge out the locals and make the game affordable for others.

Best Public Golf Courses in NJ

Best Public Golf Courses NJ

Public golf courses and a reduction of high entry fees for Country Club rounds have changed the world of golf. Don’t get caught up in the dogma of the game! Doing some research, you can find a public course that rivals any CC in New Jersey. So read on and learn all the best public golf courses in New Jersey.

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Atlantic City Country Club

One of the top public courses on the list is the Atlantic City Country Club. It is the home of the term birdie and a fantastic course with a thrilling backdrop. In addition, its course leans on sloping greens and deep bunkers topped by sprawling, well-manicured fairways. The course is just a tiny piece of excellence that is the Atlantic City Country Club.

Some of the reasons that Atlantic City Country Club is one of the best public golf courses in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Ottinger Golf Group – The Atlantic City Country Club is owned by the Ottinger Golf Group. Having owners interested in the golf side of the house means that the courses are constantly changing, and they appreciate the player’s opinions and not just those of wealthy families in control of the Club.
  • Home of the Birdie – The term birdie was established on the grounds of the Atlantic City Country Club. The course has seen several historical events, and the Club’s legacy draws golfers from around the world to hit the links.
  • Country Club – One of the great things about the Atlantic City Country Club is even though it allows public golfing, all the amenities of the Country Club remain intact. You can treat yourself to fine dining or find the perfect backdrop for an upcoming wedding.
  • The Coast – A great reason to play golf at the Atlantic City Country Club is the coast. The course is located close to beaches, and water features that make for an attractive stop after a long day in the sun.
Atlantic City Country Club New Jersey

Locations rarely have a sprawling Country Club atmosphere open to the public. The Atlantic City Country Club is one facility that allows anyone to come to play their courses or book their amenities.

Crystal Springs Resort

Crystal Springs Resorts is a great place to play public golf. Their grounds have six significant courses and a highly-rated resort with delicious and exciting amenities. In addition, they have a fantastic spa onsite that offers several outlets for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Some of the reasons that Crystal Springs Golf Resorts is one of the best public courses in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Courses – The biggest standout about the Crystal Springs Resort is the courses. It features six of the most challenging and scenic courses New Jersey has to offer. Their courses feature designs from golf icons like Robert Trent Jones and George Fazio. 
  • Spa – If you like to play 54 holes and then ride out the recovery in a spa, you are in the right place. The resort has three different spa locations, all with a full menu of options to recover from your furious golf outing. In addition, these spas could be complimentary if you book a long golf outing through the resort. 
  • Resort – Crystal Springs is one of the most excellent resorts in the Northeast. It has three pools that offer different views of the property, and the Biosphere Tropical pool is a can’t-miss attraction. In addition, they have some fantastic spots for food and a mineral complex that is a center for healing and recovery.
  • The Pools – If you want to take a golfing vacation but still leave the kids a place to relax and unwind, the pools at the Crystal Springs Resort are everything you need. They have several options for the children, and they can spend the day running from one pool to the other as you swing the sticks. 
Crystal Springs Resort New Jersey

The Crystal Springs Resort is one of the finest dining, golf, and excursion locations in New Jersey. Not only is it a challenging course, but it is also the ultimate playground for the wife and kids while the dads play the links. They offer a laundry list of amenities for pools, golfing, and dining, making each time you visit one of their courses a new experience.

Neshanic Valley

One of the most highly regarded golfing options for the public in New Jersey is the 9-hole courses at Neshanic Valley. As soon as the public began playing the courses in 2004, there was a buzz within the golf world. It has some of the most fun and challenging courses the state of New Jersey has to offer.

Some of the reasons that Neshanic Valley is one of the best public golf courses in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Information – There isn’t another golf course in the United States that keeps its patrons as informed as Neshanic Valley. Their website has access to tee times, Championship round info, and a slew of photos to provide new players a peek at what to expect.
  • Academy Course – Something that Neshanic does very well provides a course for those learning the game. The Academy Course is a 32 Par course with movable tees that allow younger players to whet their beaks while keeping the game’s challenge alive.
  • Clubhouse – One of the best public golf courses in New Jersey should have one of the best clubhouses. The clubhouse and pro shop at Neshanic Valley are filled with the best clubs, shoes, and snacks available. In addition, there’s a rentable upstairs space for weddings and parties.
Neshanic Valley New Jersey

Neshanic Valley is a course that thrives off its reputation for being fun to play and challenging for every stroke level of golfer. It also has a fine set of amenities that might not compete with resorts but feels like paradise to the golfer. In addition, the challenge of Neshanic keeps golfers on the links no matter the weather. 

Twisted Dune

A perfect course for the everyman in New Jersey is Twisted Dune. It is a links-style course that is reminiscent of a Scottish course and has some fantastic scenery. While it might not be as highly coveted as other public clubs in the state, Twisted Dune is the perfect amount of golf and New Jersey for anyone wanting to play the course.

Some of the reasons that Twisted Dune is one of the best public golf courses in New Jersey are:

  • Events – If you are planning to have a golf tournament or fundraiser, there are facilities on site that will get the party started. In addition, these facilities can be used for any purpose as long as you book them ahead of time.
  • Golf Camp – Another big draw of the Twisted Dune’s golf club is their junior golf camp. The camp is a fantastic way to get kids out on the course and off their phones. They have running classes that accept new students daily.
  • Just Golf – Other entries on this list lean into the cutting-edge resorts and spas associated with public golfing. At Twisted Dune, the emphasis is on golf with a sprawling course, capable driving range, and fine clubhouse. Twisted Dune is a can’t-miss for people who want golf without a chemical facial on the side.
Twisted Dune New Jersey

Twisted Dune fits in New Jersey. It is just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of city life, all while being a picturesque landscape that calls back to open farmland in the Midwest. People choose Twisted Dunes because they want a good game of golf and not always a lazy river and excellent spa offerings.


You know something is well-known when they only need one word to convey their brand. Seaview is one of those well-known places that people flock to. It has a 296-room hotel on the property and two of the best courses in the state. People love to play the links-style Bay Course or the Pines Course, a course steeped in history and tradition.

Some of the reasons that Seaview is one of the best public golf courses in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Courses – The biggest draw of Seaview is the two immaculately designed courses on site. The Bay Course gives you a taste of the old Scottish links style course with deep bunkers and accurate shot selection. The Pines Course is an up-and-down course that goes through the woods nearby and sees a rise in elevation.
  • LPGA – If you are a fan of the LPGA, then you want to take your strokes on the same links as the pros. Seaview is a great place for Women’s golf, and it has a rich history that makes Seaview a must-see. It is also the site of a yearly LPGA event that draws thousands of fans to the area. 
  • Extras – Seaview works tirelessly to provide extra opportunities for golfers to hit the links or stay in the hotel. They often offer additional time for regular patrons to hit the range and don’t have many hidden fees attached to rounds.
Seaview Golf Club New Jersey

The courses at Seaview are well-designed and provide a challenge to golfers of any stroke level. The gigantic hotel attached to the property allows golfers to get a good meal and stay in top-notch accommodations while getting in some pristine rounds on the course. Also, their hotel has outstanding beachfront accommodations that often offer a discount when golfing.

Scotland Run Golf Club

When giving the public a great round of golf on a specific and challenging course, there aren’t many options better than the Scotland Run Golf Club. The Ottinger Golf Group manages it, and they have created a course unlike many others in New Jersey.

Some of the reasons that Scotland Run Golf Club is one of the best public golf courses in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Course – The main reason people flock to Scotland Run is the combination course. It is part Scottish throwback links course and part Quarry course. The change in link style to quarry style allows golfers to feel like they are golfing two separate courses while still in Jersey.
  • Location – People choose the Scotland Run because it is centrally located to New York City. The area allows people from the city to get out into the country while still being able to hit Broadway for a show later.
  • Highlander – When you come to the Scotland Run, you must stop by the Highland Pub and Grill. The Highlander is home to some excellent grub while keeping an impressive pantry filled with top-shelf liquor worldwide. The Highlander is a great watering hole for after your round to tell fish stories and plan for your next adventure.
Scotland Run Golf Club New Jersey

Scotland Run Golf Club pays lip service to the game’s roots in Scotland while adding some local flare to the mix. In addition, it has one of the most challenging and complex courses in the Northeast that brings golfers worldwide to New Jersey.


Golfing on public courses in New Jersey can provide the same thrill as any old country club in America. They provide some of the same amenities, spa offerings, and lodging options in the best country clubs nationwide with a smaller price tag.

The courses available to the public in New Jersey are better than others in the country. They are often designed by well-respected names in the golf industry and provide demanding shots from their golfers. No matter where you live in New Jersey, there’s a public course begging you to play it.


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