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Are you a patient tired of the long queues at the hospital whenever you need to pay medical bills? With PayMyDoctor, you can settle bills without visiting a health facility. But what’s PayMyDoctor about? There’s a lot to learn. So let’s start right away.

Pay Medical Bills Online at PayMyDoctor
PayMyDoctor Pay Without Logging In Tab


PayMyDoctor is a free, Chicago-developed online medical bills payment platform. The portal reduces the hassles of patients making over-the-counter payments for pending bills. Also, on the PayMyDoctor site, Patients get access to all of their health and payment records. The first step to using PayMyDoctor is to register to the site. Then, if you have an account, you can visit the official portal, pay your medical bills, or check your medical records.

PayMyDoctor.Com – Pay Medical Bills online

PayMyDoctor payment steps are quite straightforward. All you need is your username and password, then do the following:

This approach saves you time as follows:

  • First, go to the PayMyDoctor site
  • Secondly, go to Pay your bill without logging in section. (The option is below the usual login to the PayMyDoctor section)
  • First, go to the PayMyDoctor.Com official website.
  • Now, navigate to the Log in to your account.
  • Here, enter your valid PayMyDoctor account Username and Password.
  • Then, head to the menu for payments and select your preferred payment option. PayMyDoctor allows you to pay with credit or debit cards, and online banking.

Pro Tip: If you’re in a hurry you do not need to log in to your PayMyDoctor account to pay.

Below find what to do.

Pay bills on www.PayMyDoctor.Com without logging in

  • Then, click PAY NOW. A page known as Quick Pay opens.
  • Next up, fill in your Client ID, Account Number, Five Digit Zip Code, and the Bill Pay ID. Use the sample medical bill receipt below that form for guidance.
  • Lastly, click CONTINUE and proceed with the process to conclude the payment.
Pay bills on www.PayMyDoctor.Com without logging in
Enter Details in Quick Pay form, click CONTINUE

You may decide to log in to your account to check your record but can’t remember your username and password. What happens? You’re about to find out.

Register on PayMyDoctor
PayMyDoctor Official Portal

Register on www.PayMyDoctor.Com

PayMyDoctor registration process is as follows:

  • First, go to the PayMyDoctor official website. Allscripts powers Look out for its logo on the site’s header to know you’re on the original site.
  • Secondly, navigate to the Welcome to PayMyDoctor.comOnline Payment Portal section.
  • Now, click the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button. An Online Enrollment form opens.
PayMyDoctor - Pay Medical Bills at 1
Go to the Welcome to PayMyDoctor Online Payment Portal, Click Create An Account
  • Fill the entire online form. (Note that all items have a red star meaning they are important)
  • Lastly, click the NEXT button and proceed to complete your registration.
PayMyDoctor - Pay Medical Bills at 2
PayMyDoctor online registration form

Basic Tip: Use the sample statement at the bottom. The sample shows you the client ID, Account Number, Five Digit Zip Code, and Bill Pay ID. Other details required include the username, email address, passwords, and telephone number. You are free to share your preferred details.

Now that you’ve signed up, what follows is to log in.

PayMyDoctor Login

The login process to is as follows:

PayMyDoctor Login
PayMyDoctor Official Website
  • Secondly, navigate to the Log in to your account section.
  • Here, enter the Username and the Password. (These are details you created in your registration)
  • Lastly, click the login button. official website Login
Enter Username and Password, Click LOG IN

Once logged in you now have access to PayMyDoctor online services. Let’s tackle that in this next part.

Pay My Doctor Online Website Features

A Pay My Doctor account offers you access to the following services:

  1. Quick and safe payment for medical bills. Any cash owed to a doctor or hospital can be concluded fast without fear of it disappearing in the process.
  2. Access to your previous payment statements. This benefit allows you to track your payment and prevents you from getting lost in the math.
  3. You can link your account to that of a family member. Here, you will avoid the need to have many accounts
  4. Now you know what it takes to sign up and log in. What follows is making your payment. How do you do it?

What to do when you forget your Pay My Doctor username and password?

What to understand: Everything starts on the official Pay My Doctor website.

  • Foremost, go to
  • Secondly, move the cursor to the Forgot your username and password? link. The Lost Username or Password page opens.
Reset PayMyDoctor username and password
Navigate to Pay My Doctor Forgot Your Username and Password, Click Green Link
  • Now, choose any of the options you’ve lost. Either FORGOT PASSWORD or FORGOT USERNAME button.
Choose Item You Want to Recover

The usual problem is a forgotten password. So select the password option.

  • Here, enter your username and email address and click SUBMIT
Reset Username
Enter Username and Password, Click SUBMIT
  • Lastly, follow instructions that come next to conclude the password recovery process.

Note: If you had forgotten your PayMyDoctor username, click the FORGOT USERNAME option. PayMyDoctor then asks for your email address so that the site sends your username to your inbox. The above instructions assume that PayMyDoctor is at its best. But what if PayMyDoctor.Com isn’t working.

PayMyDoctor isn’t working?

Like every other website, PayMyDoctor could fail to work on a particular day. You need to be sure what’s the issue. Start by knowing whether somebody else is experiencing the same issue. If you’re the only one. Then you need to proceed to troubleshoot PayMyDoctor.

Here’s how to fix your PayMyDoctor when not working.

1. Refresh your browser.

Pay My Doctor may fail to load if your internet connectivity dropped. A refresh tells you whether the portal has returned to normal. To refresh, you could hit the F5 key on your keyboard. If that doesn’t work, then hit CTRL and F5, in one instant. If that fails to work, then try this next step.

2. Clear Cache.

Switch off the internet, restart your PC, and clear the internet cache and cookies. Then try to access the Pay My Doctor website.
If this approach doesn’t work, then try this next item.

3. Disable your antivirus.

Sometimes antivirus software may prevent you from accessing a site because it sees it as a threat to your system. Disabling your antivirus temporarily and trying to access PayMyDoctor tells you whether your security system is the issue. If the site works afterward, then add PayMyDoctor to trusted sites.

In case this method fails, then it could be a DNS issue. This last option will show what to do with a DNS fault.

4. Fix DNS issues.

DNS converts your into a computer-readable address. The address what you know as an IP address. If PayMyDoctor has a DNS issue, then it is corrupt. You need the help of your internet service provider.

Note that any of these approaches could work.

Simple trick: Access PayMyDoctor on a different device or network probably because it could be a problem with your device or internet.

If you have a different issue other than PayMyDoctor not working, you are free to contact the company. Let’s tackle that in this next bit.

PayMyDoctor Customer Care Details

In case you have any queries for PayMyDoctor, contact PayMyDoctor through:

  • The website to access customer support
  • Calling through the toll-free number 1-800-334-8534.


You no longer need to go to a cashier’s desk every time you need to settle your medical bills. PayMyDoctor takes care of that by ensuring that you can pay your bills from wherever you are. Could be on your mobile device or PC. Above are the steps to register on PayMyDoctor.Com, login, and reset PayMyDoctor username or password. Moreover and pay bills with or without logging in to PayMyDoctor. All you need to do today is to register on PayMyDoctor.Com and avoid the frustration of doing in-person payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PayMyDoctor work?

When you decide to make payment on a particular bill on PayMyDoctor, you will be given access to an online form. On the form, enter your personal details and details of the illness treated. Once you fill the form entirely, it will generate immediately on the doctor’s side. The doctor then contacts you for more details. In case the information cannot get the payment done, the doctor contacts your insurance company or your bank for disbursement.

Is PayMyDoctor Safe & legit?

Yes. PayMyDoctor is both safe and legitimate for the fact that it is powered by Allscripts. Allscripts is a publicly listed and traded company on NASDAQ and recognized for offering impeccable health systems and electronic record management solutions. PayMyDoctor has been in the market for a while and has been reviewed online as safe and trusted by site reviewers such as Scamadviser.