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Important: Always pay all fines on time otherwise you will get a high amount of penalties on top of the ticket price. You will also get traffic violation points as well. Your New jersey license will be canceled after you reach 12 point limit.

If you are any of your family members or friends don’t have a license or If anyone of you got your license suspended recently then we can help you out here.

All you need to do to get your New Jersey driving license back is that follow these simple step by step instructions to get NJ License back and follow them.

Do you know that tailgating in New Jersey could attract fines up to $200? 

On top of the $50-$200 fine, New Jersey Motor Vehicle commission charges your license with 5 penalty points. This shows how seriously the tailgating problem is considered.

Always maintain distance from the vehicle in front of you. The law states that for every 10 MPH you should be one bar behind. That means for example if you are driving at 60 MPH then you should maintain a minimum gap of 6 bars. Otherwise, you will be charged with the tailgate penalty.