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Read carefully to learn “how to pay New Jersey surcharge (NJSurcharge) bills online?” at the official NJ Surcharge website. You can clear all your NJ DMV surcharge bills online using NJSVS (New Jersey Surcharge Violation System).

Note: Thousands of people pay extra fines every year because most of us are not aware of all the NJ Surcharge laws and. First understand, how Surcharge is imposed and how it is calculated correctly.

Do not skip any of the information on this page; otherwise, you are going to end up paying extra fines.

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First things first: If you don’t know why you got a surcharge on your ticket, then you must know it before paying for your surcharge.

As we all know, whenever we violate a traffic rule, we will be issued a traffic ticket, and also get a certain number of points added to our driving license.

At any given point in time, if you have more than six points over the period of three years, you will be charged one hundred dollars ($100) annually for the next three years.

You will be charged not only a hundred dollars for each point above six but also an additional $25.

Pay NJ Surcharge Online

You can Pay all your New Jersey surcharges using four different ways.

  1. You can pay it online by using Credit or Debit Cards. All Major Credit and debit cards will work for this method. Be advised that the 2-3% processing fee may be charged extra by banks for this method. You can pay the surcharge by visiting the Official NJ Surcharge Website.
  2. You can directly pay by doing a simple call to an official  NJ toll-free number (844) 424-6829. The payment will be made using your cards, so please be ready with your ATM cards.
  3. Pay directly with Cash at any Western Union Money Transfer office in the USA.
  4.  You can pay it by a Cheque or money order. As this is not convenient, I am not going to give you more details about this one.
Payment MethodCredit or Debit Cards
RequirementsSurcharge Number
Timings8:00 AM – 5 PM EST

How NJ Surcharge is Calculated?

So, for example, if you get nine violation points over the last 36 months, then you would have to pay $100+$75, a total of $175 per year. So the total will be ($175*3) $525.

If your license is expired, the charge will be $250 annually. That means a total of $750.

  • Surcharge for operating a vehicle without DL or expired driving license is $100 per annum.
  • Surcharge for Driving with a suspended license is two hundred and fifty dollars annually.
  • Surcharge for Driving an uninsured motor vehicle is $250 per annum.
  • Surcharge for driving while intoxicated is $1,500 per annum.

To know more details about your all surcharges, call to (609) 292-7500, extension 5024.

pay nj surcharge www.njsurcharge..com
The UI of the NJSVS Official website for NJsurcharge online payment.

I hope you learned a lot about NJ Surcharge Payment Online methods. Feel free to leave your valuable feedback about New Jersey Surcharge laws.

is www.njsurcharge.com Down?

The www.njsurcharge.com website has been permanently shut down by the New Jersey government. They have moved this website to the upgraded NJ surcharge portal on the NJ State website. You can still complete the surcharge payments at the new state web portal.

njsurcharge payment guide

The official website for NJSurcharge online payments was www.njsurcharge.com. Everyone should know that the www.njsurcharge.com website is not functional anymore.

Everyone who is looking to make their surcharge payments online should visit the new NJ surcharge portal at this web address.

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