NJ Ticket Lookup: Find & Pay NJ Traffic Tickets

If you Can’t find NJ Traffic Ticket Number, use the NJ Ticket lookup feature on MCCS(Municipal court Case Search) website. You can find additional details about the violation if you have the NJ traffic ticket number.

NJ Ticket Lookup

If you lost your NJ traffic ticket or can’t find the NJ ticket number, then you can find the ticket number online using the NJ ticket lookup tool.

Visit the official NJ Municipal court Case Search website. Search for your traffic ticket number by entering any one of the following details,

  • Your Full name as in the issued ticket
  • Your Driving License number
  • Municipal Complaint number ( To find more information about the violation)
  • Slip number

You can also find out more information about any NJ Traffic violation using the Ticket number on the NMCS ( New Jersey Municipal Court case search) website.

Find NJ Traffic Ticket Number Online
Select Ticket Number and Enter your Details

After entering any of these in the “search” field, you will be redirected to a new webpage where you must first clear the Captcha and click the “search” button.

Requirements to Find Traffic Ticket Number

  • Ticket number and prefix
  • Car registration plate number
  • Key in the court ID

Traffic Violation Number Searching Process

Once you finish the step above, the webpage will display additional information about you, like your initials, state name, and license ID.

Now, let’s see the simple step-by-step guide to making online traffic ticket payments in New Jersey.

You can also find your NJ Traffic ticket number using your Driving license or vehicle registration. Click here to find out your NJ ticket number.

Paying NJ parking tickets online is secure and straightforward. You can complete this within a minute. Each time you make a successful traffic ticket payment, the Official NJ Municipal Courts website automatically uploads your proof of payment and related details to the New Jersey Municipal Court’s database.

How to Pay NJ Parking Ticket Online?

NJ traffic ticket payment can be made only during website working hours at the New Jersey Municipal Courts Website. You will need your ticket number, vehicle number, and driving license ID to pay for the traffic ticket online. Once you have all the necessary details visit NJMCDirect.Com to make the NJ Ticket payment.

Make sure you are doing the process at the below-mentioned timings.

  • Monday – Thursday: 0430 hours – 2315 hours (EST)
  • Fridays: 0430 hours – 2215 hours (EST)
  • Saturdays: 0430 hours – 1515 hours (EST)
  • Sundays: 1300 hours – 2315 hours (EST)

Once you pick the timing, You Will Need the following details to finish the NJ parking ticket payment:

  • Your car’s license plate (registration number)
  • Your traffic or parking ticket number
  • Credit or debit card details
Pay NJ Parking Tickets Online
New Jersey Municipal Courts website to pay parking tickets online

NJ Ticket Payment Method and Tips:

  • After gathering the listed information, visit the official NJ Municipal Courts website at njmcdirect.com. Next, enter your car’s license plate (registration number) when prompted alongside your ticket’s number. Then, proceed to payment.
  • You may use your credit or debit card to pay for your ticket. This will incur service charges amounting to 3% of your payment price. In the odd case that you do not possess a bank account, please read up on alternate payment methods at the back of your parking ticket.
  • Make sure to make all your payments within the time allotted by the New Jersey Municipal Department to avoid the surcharge.

NJ Municipal Courts Online Payment Timings

Unlike most online portals, the New Jersey Municipal Department’s website offers limited time for payments per day. To make sure you pay at the right time, refer to the details below:

  • Mondays-Thursdays:0430 hours-2315 hours (EST)
  • Fridays:0430 hours-2215 hours (EST)
  • Saturdays:0430 hours-1515 hours (EST)
  • Sundays:1300 hours-2315 hours (EST)


What is NJMCDirect?

NJMCDirect is an online platform that lets site visitors gather information regarding New Jersey state traffic tickets. You can visit it at www.njmcdirect.com, access traffic information, register a complaint, and pay your traffic fines online.

The best thing about NJMCDirect is that you can avoid the pain of having to attend the municipal court to resolve your issues physically. Whether it’s a ticket you need to pay for or any information regarding New Jersey state traffic you need, you can sort it out within a few minutes with just a few taps on your computer or smart device.

What is a Surcharge on a Ticket NJ?

A surcharge is an additional penalty granted to drivers with an excessive occurrence of traffic violations or extreme offenses like driving when intoxicated.

How to Pay NJMCDirect Surcharge?

Please visit the Nj Surcharge Payment website and enter the following information:

  • License number
  • Judgment number
  • Surcharge number
  • Notice number

Can You Pay for Parking Tickets Online in New Jersey?

Yes, Anyone can Pay for Parking Tickets Online in New Jersey. Please visit NJ Court’s official web portal at www.njmcdirect.com to register your payment.

How Much is a Seatbelt Ticket in NJ?

Drivers failing to wear a seat belt will be fined $46.

How Many Points is a Speeding Ticket in NJ?

You will be awarded points depending on your “speed above limit” score:

What is the NJ Surcharge Violation System?

This is a system that awards additional fines to drivers with an excessive number of points; the higher the points, the greater the fine.

How to Pay for NJ Surcharge?

You may pay here using a credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can make a cash deposit at your nearest Western Union branch.

Consequences for not Paying Surcharge

Failing to pay your surcharge can make you lose your license temporarily; you will not be allowed to drive a car, nor sell your assets as per the law.

Advantages of NJ Courts Online website

  • Fast online payments
  • Convenient
  • Secure

What Tickets Can You Pay for on NJMCDirect?

  • Traffic violations
  • Parking violations
  • Surcharge payments

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