Pay NJ Traffic Tickets Online

Welcome to the NJ traffic ticket payment guide. You can pay your NJ parking tickets, speeding tickets, reckless driving, DUI, signal jumping, red light and all other traffic violations tickets online.

How to Pay NJ Parking Ticket Online?

NJ traffic ticket payment(Parking or any other violation) can be made only during website working hours at the New Jersey Municipal Courts Website. You will need your ticket number, vehicle number, and driving license ID to pay for the traffic ticket online. Once you have all the necessary details visit NJMCDirect.Com to make the NJ Ticket payment.

Make sure you are doing the process at the below-mentioned timings.

  • Monday – Thursday: 04:30 hours – 23:15 hours (EST)
  • Fridays: 04:30 hours – 22:15 hours (EST)
  • Saturdays: 04:30 hours – 15:15 hours (EST)
  • Sundays: 13:00 hours – 23:15 hours (EST)

Once you pick the timing, You Will Need the following details to finish the NJ parking ticket payment:

  • Your car’s license plate (registration number)
  • Your traffic or parking ticket number
  • Credit or debit card details
Pay NJ Parking Tickets Online
New Jersey Municipal Courts website to pay parking tickets online

How to Pay NJ Speeding Ticket Online?

If your speeding ticket doesn’t require a court appearance, you can pay NJ speeding ticket online. Visit the Www.NJMCDirect.Com traffic ticket online payment website and enter the required information to pay any NJ speeding ticket. You will need your driver’s license number, traffic ticket number, and a valid credit or debit card.

Paying NJ Speeding Ticket in Person at NJMC

If you prefer to pay your speeding ticket in person then you may do so at the corresponding NJ municipal court. Bring your traffic ticket, a photo ID, and an acceptable payment method (cash, check, money order, or credit card). Check your local court’s website for court office hours and locations.

Paying NJ Speeding Ticket by Mail

To pay a speeding in New Jersey by mail, you have mail a check or money order payable to the municipal court, along with a copy of your ticket. Ensure you include your name, address, and telephone number on the payment.

NJ Speeding Due Date and Late Payment

The due date for your speeding ticket fine in NJ can be found on your traffic ticket. If you fail to pay by the due date then you may face additional penalties; including a possible driver’s license suspension or a warrant for your arrest.

If you cannot pay on time, contact the municipal court to discuss possible monthly payment options or request a court hearing.

NJMCDirect Convenience Fees

When paying your speeding ticket online, be aware that there may be a convenience fee added to your payment amount. This fee varies depending on the municipality and the method you choose to pay your ticket. Check the online payment portal or contact the court for specific fee information.

NJ Ticket Payment Method and Tips:

  • After gathering the listed information, visit the official NJ Municipal Courts website at Next, enter your car’s license plate (registration number) when prompted alongside your ticket’s number. Then, proceed to payment.
  • You may use your credit or debit card to pay for your ticket. This will incur service charges amounting to 3% of your payment price. In the odd case that you do not possess a bank account, please read up on alternate payment methods at the back of your parking ticket.
  • Make sure to make all your payments within the time allotted by the New Jersey Municipal Department to avoid the surcharge.

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NJ Municipal Courts Online Payment Timings

Unlike most online portals, the New Jersey Municipal Department’s website offers limited time for payments per day. To make sure you pay at the right time, refer to the details below:

  • Mondays-Thursdays:0430 hours-2315 hours (EST)
  • Fridays:0430 hours-2215 hours (EST)
  • Saturdays:0430 hours-1515 hours (EST)
  • Sundays:1300 hours-2315 hours (EST)

What is NJMCDirect?

NJMCDirect is an online platform that lets site visitors gather information regarding New Jersey state traffic tickets. You can visit it at, access traffic information, register a complaint, and pay your traffic fines online.

The best thing about NJMCDirect is that you can avoid the pain of having to attend the municipal court to resolve your issues physically. Whether it’s a ticket you need to pay for or any information regarding New Jersey state traffic you need, you can sort it out within a few minutes with just a few taps on your computer or smart device.

What is a Surcharge on a Ticket NJ?

A surcharge is an additional penalty granted to drivers with an excessive occurrence of traffic violations or extreme offenses like driving when intoxicated.

How to Pay NJMCDirect Surcharge?

Please visit the Nj Surcharge Payment website and enter the following information:

  • License number
  • Judgment number
  • Surcharge number
  • Notice number


Can You Pay Parking Tickets Online in New Jersey?

Yes, Anyone can Pay for Parking Tickets Online in New Jersey. Please visit NJ Court’s official web portal at to register your payment.

Advantages of NJ Courts Online website

  • Fast online payments
  • Convenient
  • Secure

What Tickets Can You Pay for on NJMCDirect?

  • Traffic violations
  • NJ Parking violations
  • Surcharge payments

New Jersey Municipal Courts Contact Details

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  1. I am trying to pay my ticket but I do not have a sign on name. It does not list how to register for one. I tried to mail it in and it came back as well. PLEASE HELP

  2. Hello P47202573 parking ticket does not belong to me. I’ve never been to Jersey City. And I don’t own a black Ford.

      • Hi, that URL is providing the following error when trying to access it:

        SRVE0255E: A WebGroup/Virtual Host to handle /MPAWeb/jsp/common/ has not been defined.
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    • I lost my parking ticket. I did a search using last name and DL number, no case found. Please advise, how to find and pay my parking violation ticket?

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  6. I Moved to California and I applied for my CA Driver’s License (REAL ID) today but they declined because they said I have a ticket pending with the NJ MVC, but I don’t believe to have anything outstanding. Does anyone know what I can do?

  7. Hello, When I try to dispute the ticket it tells me the ticket is not eligible to be disputed. Court ID: 0906 Prefix: P04 Ticket No: 213392. Please reply ASAP. Thank you, Sethu

  8. My tickets were due on the 27 and 28th. I can’t pay them until Thursday. Is that too far apart. I don’t want my license to get suspended

  9. I received a summons for a parking ticket in Jersey City on 12/10/2020. The info is correct, but my car is a Toyota white 4 door. I do believe I received this in error. I have tried without success to dispute this as I have never been to Jersey City. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you so much

  10. I’ve lost my parking ticket and I’m attempting to pay it online with information other than what was on the ticket but I keep getting an error message saying “The search request exceeds the allowable results. Please refine your search.” I need help immediately to pay this ticket.

  11. Hi I lost my municipal ticket. It’s due 3/18. Can you please help me to locate the ticket number?

    When I received a ticket I didn’t bring my ID but I provided my date of birth. Not sure if that is enough info. Thanks.

  12. Hi I received a ticket but the ticket was left on my wiper and it was ripped apart so I can not see the ticket number. What can I do to pay the fee?

  13. I miss place a parking ticket which I need to pay. I need the information that’s on the ticket in order for me to pay it. Thank you

    • You can use the Driving License number or Vehicle Registration number to find those details. If that is not helpful then Please contact the Municipal Courts office.

  14. I lost a parking ticket that was issued to me at Just Jakes in Montclair NJ and I am trying to find it so that I can pay it. I am not from NJ so any help would be appreciated so that I can pay this

  15. I need to pay my street parking ticket but the ticket got wet, and was stuck together because it was folded in half when it was dried. The ticket number was erased when I tried to unfold it. I tried searching it using my license number and name but nothing is showing up.

  16. I am trying to pay for my tickets online. I do not have the license number or the plate number. I have the ticket info I am living in Texas and I have to pay these fines before I can get my Texas driver’s license. can you please tell me what I must do? I was released from prison on December 5th so can you please send me the info I need to pay for these tickets asap. thank you so much in advance.

  17. I received two different municipal court notices on grounds of parking ticket violation, what surprised me was no hardcopy of the ticket was ever issued to me or placed on my car on the said violation dates as contained in the court letters, the fine where $46 and $57 respectively.
    I believe that whoever ever that booked parking ticket without issuing the notice to the person or place it on the car for the driver to see it but to use it against innocent people is not acting in the best interest of humanity.
    Take someone to court for ticket violation without notice or evidence of offense violates principles of Natural justice, equity and Good conscience,

    In a time of Pandemic and hardship spending money out of shock is painful and heartbreaking,
    Please those concerned should investigate situations like this. May God continue to Bless us.

  18. I am worried that I have unpaid parking tickets but I don’t have the actual tickets and I am not able to search. I am a Georgia Driver and my vehicle is regiestered in Georgia but I work in NJ and NY so I spend most of my time in Belleville NJ. Can you Help?

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  20. Every time I try to pay my parking ticket it says ticket not found. I know I’ve entered it correctly, and I’ve tried multiple times. I cannot visit an office during weekdays as I work 8-6, unless of course it is open until 7 or later.

  21. Hi, I have been trying to pay a PARKING LOT VIOLATION. My Ticket number is 001483. I received this violation on 8/26/22 at 1;50 pm. It was my mistake I was not from the area and had to run into the Wells Fargo Bank. How do I pay this ? Thank you for your help.

  22. Hi There,

    I’m trying to pay for a parking ticket I received but I lost the ticket – can you help me with this?


  23. I have a parking permit. I got a ticket for residential parking. I have lost the ticket and work at the same time court is open. I wonder if jersey city (like Bayonne) can look up the ticket with my license plate number??

    I’ve tried several times to call the municipal court and was put on hold for 15-20 min each time. I don’t know what else to do. My name is Maureen Conlin, 16
    Stegman Court, license plate ****. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

  24. Hello. I got my parking ticket violation dated 10.03.2022. I want to know if this has been paid already. My employer is supposed to pay and be in charge of this matter, as they told me that Buckingham Nursing and Rehab care is Authorized to park in the area.
    Please, let me know if this is not settled yet.
    Email me: Rhina.alvi**
    Or call me at 908 906 17**.

  25. Looking for Parking ticket information for car plate number W28H** that was issued near saint Francis hospital in Trenton NJ. The street is Hilton street( not sure).
    My email address is ***
    I need the information to pay for the ticket sent to the email address.

    Thank you.

    • Buscando información sobre multas placas tienen alguna infracción en el parque de Union city las placas de mi automóvil W70RFN, realmente (no estoy seguro)

  26. Hello,
    I’m trying to look up all my tickets but it keeps saying “The search request exceeds the allowable results. Please refine your search.”
    Can someone help me?

    • That means there are a lot of results with the given input. Maybe you need to enter more information to narrow down the results.

  27. Hi, I received a letter that I have to pay a $100 fee to NJ State related to my licensing issues. I’m unable to find that letter to make the payment. Where can I access this information?

  28. Hi,
    I am trying to pay my balance of what I owe for parking tickets. I am unable to access the amount because I no longer have the tickets. If you could please email the amount and how I can make that payment I would really appreciate it.

  29. Hello, i have lost my parking ticket! Where can i get the information to pay it online? My license plate number is Y20FLN

  30. How can I pay my old parking tickets online if I don’t have the license plate number? I have all information required except the license plate number because it is from a car I owned in 2012

    • You can simply use your ticket number to pay. If you can not then you need to visit Municipal court support office and get the info.

  31. Hi I’m looking for ticket information to pay a parking ticket. Location is Princeton NJ. Date was 3/18/23. Thank you

  32. Looking for tickets in Hoboken. Need info to pay for them. They are not showing up in the system yet. Thank you.

  33. Hello,
    Parking Ticket information:
    CourtID: 0411
    Prefix: C
    Ticket Number 104119
    License plate: JMT8262

    I received this parking ticket, I have tried to pay online, but it says the parking ticket can not be found. I also tried countlessly to call the number provided on the ticket but it is always busy.

    Please send along information as to why I can not easily pay this fine online. The numbers on my ticket are correct.


    • Disclaimer: This is not the official NJMC website. This is to help people like you with queries. Coming to your query, you need wait few days until it shows up on the website.

  34. Hey!

    My ticket number was washed up and tore in the rain when it was placed on my car and now I can’t pay my ticket, when I try to call the office no on answers. I’ve been on hold for 40min at a time even though it says I’m the next person in line.


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