NJ Ticket Lookup By Plate and Name

If you can’t find your NJ Traffic Ticket Number then use the NJ Ticket lookup feature on MCCS(Municipal court Case Search) website. You can find additional details about the violation if you have the NJ traffic ticket number.

Follow the steps below to find out if you have any pending parking or traffic tickets in NJ.

NJ Ticket Lookup By Plate and Name

If you lost your NJ traffic ticket or can’t find the NJ ticket number, then you can find the ticket number online using the NJ ticket lookup by plate and name.

To find out if your NJ ticket details, Visit the official NJ Municipal court Case Search website (NJMCCS). Search for your traffic ticket number by entering any one of the following details,

  • Your Full name as in the issued ticket
  • Vehicle Plate Number
  • Your Driving License number
  • Municipal Complaint number ( To find more information about the violation)
  • Slip number

You can also find out more information about any NJ Traffic violation using the Ticket number on the NMCS ( New Jersey Municipal Court case search) website.

Find NJ Traffic Ticket Number Online
Select Ticket Number and Enter your Details

After entering any of these in the “search” field, you will be redirected to a new webpage where you must first clear the Captcha and click the “search” button.

Requirements to Find Traffic Ticket Number

  • Ticket number and prefix
  • Car registration plate number
  • Key in the court ID

Traffic Violation Number Searching Process

Once you finish the step above, the webpage will display additional information about you, like your initials, state name, and license ID.

Now, let’s see the simple step-by-step guide to making online traffic ticket payments in New Jersey.

You can also find your NJ Traffic ticket number using your Driving license or vehicle registration. Click here to find out your NJ ticket number.

Paying NJ parking tickets online is secure and straightforward. You can complete this within a minute. Each time you make a successful traffic ticket payment, the Official NJ Municipal Courts website automatically uploads your proof of payment and related details to the New Jersey Municipal Court’s database.

How to pay NJ ticket without ticket number?

First you to have to find out your ticket number using NJ Ticket Lookup By Name tool or NJ Ticket Lookup by Plate feature on the official NJMC court website. You will need Driver’s full and vehicle license plate numbers to find the ticket number.

Once you find out the NJ ticket number then you can pay any traffic ticket online using the www.njmcdirect.com portal. This is also known NJMCDirect Portal. The payments made on the NJMC portal will directly go to municipal courts thus clearing your pending tickets.

Is it possible to look up and pay a parking ticket using my name in NJ?

you cannot look up or pay a parking ticket using just your name in New Jersey. You will need the driver’s full name, DL number and your license plate number to find and pay your parking ticket.

How can I look up and pay a parking ticket with my license plate number in NJ?

visit NJMCDirect (njmcdirect.com) to look up and pay a parking ticket with your license plate number in New Jersey. You will need your driving license number, name, and your license plate number to find and pay your ticket.

What is the process for paying parking tickets through NJMCDirect?

  1. Visit the NJMCDirect website (njmcdirect.com).
  2. Click on “Municipal Ticket” in the top menu.
  3. Enter the required information: ticket number, license plate number, and municipality that issued the ticket.
  4. Verify your ticket information. Check whether all details are correct or not.
  5. Click on “Pay Parking Ticket” or “Pay Moving Violation.”
  6. Enter your payment information, review the details and confirm your payment.

Note: NJMCDirect requires a working credit card to process online payments. If you don’t have a credit card then refer to the back of your traffic ticket or contact the Municipal Court for alternative payment options.

How long do I have to wait before my NJ traffic ticket appears online?

After receiving a parking ticket in New Jersey it may take two to seven working days time for the ticket to be entered into the NJMC website and become available for online payment. The processing time varies between municipalities. It’s best to check back on NJMCDirect.Com regularly to see if your ticket has been added to the system.

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  1. Hello, A police officer was kind enough to leave a ticket on my windshield. Unfortunately, it got stuck I’m assuming from the humidity and I have no ticket number or complaint number.

    I tried looking it up with my driver license number but it is bringing up tickets from 20 years ago. I don’t know what to do and it needs to be paid by 5th of August. This happened in Newark, NJ. Can someone please help me?

  2. Good morning, I am trying to pay a parking ticket that was lost and can’t remember the information? How can I go about it?

  3. I lost my parking tickets and I’m unsure of how to pay them without the ticket number, is there any other way to see how many tickets I have and how much I owe?

  4. What if we don’t have the license plate because it was a rented truck. Cant figure out how to pay without license plate info?

  5. I’m a Canadian. I visited NYC and got a parking ticket in Hoboken, New Jersey. unfortunately, I lost the ticket. Is there a way to find my parking ticket based on my plate number.

  6. Good Day,
    My cousin’s vehicle received a parking ticket on October 12th at 6 a.m. or shortly after. Normally, I pay my tickets immediately if I stay more than 5 minutes on the departure level, but my daughter was sick that day, and I misplaced the ticket.

    License plate V51-*** (BMW x1)

    I was in terminal A.


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