Plead Not Guilty to NJ Traffic Ticket

In our previous article, we have discussed the steps to pay NJ traffic ticket payment online. After that, some people have asked me that they are not guilty of the parking ticket charge and wants to fight this offense.

If you have got a parking ticket recently in New Jersey then there are two possible scenarios for you. The first one is that you can Pay your NJ traffic ticket simply visiting online. The second one is if you think that you are not guilty of the violation then you can fight the offense by going to a municipal court.

Fighting your ticket in court will decide whether you are guilty of the traffic violation or not. Even though the chances are thin, you must fight your tickets.

The biggest problem with accepting the ticket and paying the fine is that you will receive the points on your driving license. We all know what happens after we receive a certain point under our driving license. Eventually, the driving license will be canceled.

So, if you are one of those who already got some points on your DL and want to avoid more points then you must fight to plead not guilty in NJ Municipal Court.


NJMCDIRECT Plead Not Guilty

If you’ve decided to fight your traffic ticket then read the below steps carefully and follow.

  • Check your traffic violation ticket that you got from an officer and read understand why you got a ticket in the first place.
  • Your ticket contains important date information, so always do not forget the date.
  • Attend the court on a given date or if you’ve given a date to just pay the ticket then you must appear court before that day.
  • If you’ve any doubts in your mind then make sure to call the NJ court clerk. They will be happy to assist you with your ticket.
  • Before appearing in a court talk to the prosecutor and see if you can get a deal where you will be given fewer points than original offense points
  • If you still think that you can plead not guilty then you can appear in front of the Judge and raise your concerns. It’s a good idea to hire a lawyer.

You can find some good lawyers online.

That’s it about this topic friend. Feel free to ask any kind of queries or give suggestions in the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading this far.

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  1. How do you Plead NOT Guilty? The courts are currently closed and ticket must be paid by 6/8/2020. I am a NYC Resistance. I am was not aware of parking 50 feet from STOP sign.

  2. I am a NJ Resident. I recieve a ticket for blocking a crosswalk which was not blocked. I have pictures taken of the crosswalk and my neighbor vehicle which was directly across from mines. He did not get a ticket. My vehicle was ticketed by Discrimination because I have a Rental from Enterprise Rental to Get back and forthe to work. I am an Essential worker with NYC Transit. This is the 2nd time this has happened tho the last vehicle had Connecticut plates. Thia area is crowded with vehicles parked at bus stops and fire hydrants with NJ plates and have gotten NO ticket. I would like to plead guilty to ticket #202301. I have witness and photos to support my Plea. No one is answering the phone number listed on summon. What should I do next.?

  3. The Vehicle came here 12:41pm and i wasn’t in the house so when i came i saw that it was clean so i park my car infront of my house and the police officer came 1:16pm he doesnt know that it has clean and i was in my room when i went out i saw i have ticket on my car and i dont understand why the police gave me a ticket. Thank You

  4. I have several parking tickets of which I want to strongly refute and challenge in front of a judge. Thus, I am innocent of the bogus charge and have the proof to support my meritorious claim. Please contact me at 201 208 7697 Thank you kindly.

  5. I have received tickets in the state of New Jersey from someone using my name and I’m from Baltimore MD. How do I dispute this matter?

  6. I was given a ticket for no front plate. I explained to the officer my situation with the DMV and how it took 5 months and I had just received the number plate. I was told if I plead not guilty the ticket would be thrown out.

  7. Received a parking ticket for Head On Parking.
    I have pictures around my parked area and there’s no sign stating this parking rule. I was at the beach and I didn’t want to unload my beach items in the street side.

  8. I was in the highway and I was cut off and in order to avoid the car in front of me I went to the side of the road and hit a wood pole.
    I did not hit anyone other trying to avoid the car that cut me. Anyone can advise how can I address this without having to get points in my DL

  9. Hi there-
    I tried calling the number provided on my ticket, but it led me to answer machines. I am trying to plead not guilty and would like some guidance on how I should do so. I spoke to an officer I saw locally before I parked my car in the spot where I was located and still received a ticket the next morning. So I would like to dispute this matter or make a payment plan for it.

    ALSO- it is not even showing on my ticket my court date, please I need assistance on how to find that or even online to address this. I do not need a warrant out for my arrest simply for miscommunication. Perhaps Hoboken should invest in town work where they repaint proper lines near sidewalks before just handing out tickets to people. I lived in NJ my entire life and never gotten a ticket for the location I parked in.

  10. Good Morning, I Would like to plead Guilty to a non moving violation . if so i can also be reached @ 856 426 1964,

  11. Hello,

    I received a vehicle ticket with no municipal court number. I have no idea how to pay this. I was given two tickets, one saying reading 7/19 (given this happened yesterday on 7/24, so this is very confusing to me) and the other reading standing 7/21. How do I pay this with no municipal court number?

  12. Hi, I received a ticket yesterday saying Overtime Parking Prohibited 1st Thru 5th Offense at 6:29p.m. I just parked my car at 6:22 p.m in the parking spot allotted to park vehicles and i have my parking ticket which has the time from 6:22 p.m to 7:22 p.m. This is absolutely insane as this is waste of my time and for not being guilty. To avoid going to court i have to pay the fine and plea i’m guilty? Why dont these officials check records for who has been parked and when they parked before even printing tickets. My parking ticket was for an hour which is $1.25 and the ticket they issued is $25. So if im not guilty i have to go to court on a working day so i loose $60/hr. Does anyone have any suggestions? I dont see any plead not guilty online where i can submit my valid parking ticket which is not overtime at all.

  13. On this date of 01/06/2021 I would like to Plead Not Guilty. I was parked next to my house when I found myself with a ticket for a violation of no parking at all times. However my block has no sign of a No Parking All Times sign and can prove in which there isn’t. I always park my car next to my house and occasionally I get a ticket. I always make sure to park on the right side during street cleaning and never should have an issue with parking next to my house. I pay the meters, I park in the correct spaces, I follow street cleaning days. I should not be getting a $55 ticket for regularly parking my car yet no one else has received one. I work hard everyday and I don’t even have money to pay for tickets. I barely make it to paying my car insurance and bills in general. I plead not guilty and ask to appear in court.

  14. Soery I have tried to request a court date to plea not guilty for my ticket. Every avenue I have taken online even after a second phone call, has failed me
    Please help me

  15. I received a non registered vehicle ticket. I had no idea it expired. I’ve since registered the vehicle. The officer advised me as long as I took care of the registration. That would be acceptable to the court

  16. I was on Rt. 9 in Freehold taking the jug handle and I was given a ticket for rolling really slow past the stop sign. There was a van on my left that was gonna make a left turn and wasn’t proceeding so I was on the right waning to make a right and I couldn’t see around his van.

    so I had to creep up and see if it was safe for me to make the right turn, it was clear so I proceeded. I was barely moving.

  17. Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    I, Suresh Bhattarai, parked my car at 213 Washington St. Hoboken at 9:25 AM, 07/22/2022 and was in the process of making a payment at the parking meter when I was issued a parking violation by PEO C. Rawlins.
    I had to wait at the parking meter for people in front of me to make payments, and by the time I got back to my car with the proof of payment, the enforcement officer had already issued me a parking violation, and would not listen to why I was delayed in returning to the car with the proof of payment. The officer brushed me off by saying “I don’t care”.
    I request you to examine the proof of purchase attached with this email and cancel the parking violation, as I was doing the right thing, but was delayed by events out of my control.
    Suresh Bhattarai
    1683 Gates Ave. #3R
    Ridgewood NY

  18. I’d like to fight my ticket. The stop was unlawful. The officers reasoning for the stop was because i had a broken taillight which was a lie & then I got a ticket for “failure to notify the dmv of address change”

  19. I’m getting an error message when I try to enter my information.
    This email gives me an error message.
    I need to check the status of my case.

  20. Hello good afternoon! I received a parking ticket in Newark, because I paid until 13.40 and I went to immigration, got there I had court and leave there at 16 hours and I couldn’t get the car before, then my car was removed and I gave it a fine, how do I pay without having to go to court?

  21. I’ve received a ticket for overtime parking (ticket # 230369). I paid on the park mobile app and have proof that I paid for the parking. Need advice as to where I send the appropriate documents.

  22. Good Morning. Pleading Not Guilty For This Parking Ticket Not Only Was It Raining, My Meter Ran Out And My Handicap Tag Was In View. I’m Requesting A Court Day In Person If Possible.

  23. I‘m a young Lady from Germany that just tot Go the united states. Yesterday i was in Morristown and got a ticket for parking the wrong way. But I couldn’t understand the signs. I asked a police officer and he said I can plea of not guilty and that is what I wanna do. It will not happen again!

    Thank you so much for the understanding

    Chiara Chabalowitz

    Vehicle make: Toyota
    Color: grey
    Body type: jeep
    License plate: ZZF2**
    Plate State: NJ


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