New Jersey Vehicle Registration Fee & Renewal Guide

How much does the New Jersey state charge for vehicle registration? For an in-depth guide about vehicle registration fee in NJ, the forms required, and the process of renewal read this guide.

Whether you are a current resident or moving to New Jersey, vehicle registration is a must.

Vehicle registration is essential to inform law enforcers that you are the real owner of the vehicle. In NJ, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is the authority that offers registration services.

However, to simplify the process, there are local agencies mandated by the body to conduct vehicle registration on their behalf. To get to know about the agencies, visit the official NJ MVC website.

In today’s guide, you will get to know how much it will cost you to register your vehicle, the forms to fill, and the process of renewing your car registration.

What is Vehicle Registration Fee in New Jersey?

Whether it is a commuter van, private car, commercial truck, or boat, you need to register them while in NJ.

So, how much does it cost to register a vehicle in New Jersey?

The registration fee depends on the following things:

  • Weight class
  • Model year

There are nine weight classes for automobiles. Here is a table showing different registration fees according to weight class and model year.

Weight Class Model Weight Fee
1 1970 or older Under-2,700 lbs. $35.50
2 1970 or older 2,700 lbs. – 3,800 lbs. $44.50
3 1970 or older Over 3,800 lbs. $65.50
4 1971 – 1979 Under-2,700 lbs. $38.50
5 1971 – 1979 2,700 lbs. – 3,800 lbs. $49.50
6 1971 – 1979 Over 3,800 lbs. $72.50
7 older than two years Under-3,500 lbs. $46.50
7 within two years Under-3,500 lbs. $59.00
8 older than two years Over 3,500 lbs. $71.50
8 within two years Over 3,500 lbs. $84.00
9 older than two years Commuter Van** $71.50
9 within two years Commuter Van** $84.00

Table Courtesy of NJ MVC

For non-commercial trucks and SUVs whose purpose is for commercial use. Gross weight determines what fee you will pay for registration.

Furthermore, here are non-commercial trucks and SUVs recognized by NJ MVC.

  • Ford Ranchero
  • Chevrolet El-Camino
  • Vans
  • Subaru Brat
  • Pickup Trucks
  • SUVs

When you decide to register your car as a non-commercial, you cannot use it for advertising any product or service, having any name or address, signs, or lettering. The only thing it can possess is the manufacturer’s name and trademarks only.

New Jersey Vehicle Registration Fee & Renewal Guide

New Jersey Vehicle Registration Forms

What forms do you need to fill in during the vehicle registration process in NJ?

There are three forms you need to complete before your vehicle is registered in New Jersey.

They include:

  • Form OS/SS/UTA

The form is to ensure you get a New Jersey vehicle title.

  • Form BA-49

To complete this form, you need to visit your local motor vehicle agency. The document is meant to apply for vehicle registration.

  • Form OS/SS-14

This form is for the application of an ownership certificate for a new vehicle.

NB: All these forms should be filled and submitted to a motor vehicle agency by the vehicle owner.

Go to the agency in person in case you are required to fill in other forms.

New Jersey Vehicle Renewal Guide

Is your vehicle registration expiry date approaching? Then you need to renew it as soon as possible.

However, if you don’t know how to renew your registration, here you will get ways to use to restore your vehicle’s registration.

Ways to Renew Vehicle Registration in NJ

There are three that you can use to renew vehicle registration in New Jersey.

  • Online
  • In-Person
  • Through Mail

You should know that NJ MVC sends you a renewal notice three months to the expiry date.

Online Renewal

To renew your vehicle registration online. The following are things you to complete the process.

  • Registration renewal form
  • SSN
  • Insurance ID card
  • Valid credit card

Here are steps to follow when renewing your registration online.

Vehicle Information

  • You are required to enter the PIN on the registration renewal form.

Owner Information

  • Here you will input your insurance information, SSN, update your address (Optional), and the number of family duplicates needed.

Special Interest Plates

  • Choose a special interest license plate (if need be).


  • Input your credit card details to pay the renewal fees.

Your renewal comes into effect instantly as you complete the process. But you will get the documents within two weeks. Also, if you applied for a Special Interest License plate and family duplicates, you will get them within the same period.

Contact NJ MVC on 609-292-6500 when you don’t get the documents on the stipulated time.

NB: Use Internet Explorer V.6 and above as it supports SSL and JavaScript.

In-Person Renewal

Another method to use to renew your vehicle registration is by going to the agency in-person. So, here are items you should carry to a motor vehicle agency.

  • Registration renewal notice/Vehicle identification number
  • Insurance ID card
  • License plate number
  • Driver’s license
  • Power of attorney
  • Renewal fees

At the local agency, you will fill in the registration renewal form and pay for the renewal fees.

NB: Visit an available local agency but should be accredited by NJ MVC. To get to know about the agencies, visit the NJ MVC website.

Mail Renewal Process

In case you don’t find the two ways viable to you, there’s another method. Renew vehicle registration via mail.

So, how do you go about it?

On the renewal notice sent by NJ MVC, there’s a form. Complete it and enter it in the return envelope. Also, you need to accompany the document with a check or money order in the return mail.

When done, resend it back to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

NB: Make sure that your address is visible via the envelope’s window.

What Happens If the Renewal Notice Gets Lost?

You may lose your renewal notice, but if it’s within the renewal period, you can do the process online.

To get the PIN, contact NJ MVC or through Renewal PIN.

How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Registration

Losing your vehicle’s registration documents is daunting. But here is a solution for you.

You can do it online or visit an NJ MVC agency with your Driver’s license.

Also, you need to have the NJ insurance ID card. At the agency, you will complete Form BA-49.

Moreover, you will pay to replace the registration documents.

If the car is not yours (leased) replacing the vehicle registration is possible.


Vehicle registration is a vital process in most states in the US. However, the cost or registration differ. If you didn’t know about the fees in NJ, then now you know.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions about the registration fees in New Jersey. Leave a comment, and you will get an answer instantly.

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