How To Get Real Estate License in NJ?

How To Get Real Estate License in NJ?

If you enjoy getting out from behind a desk and working with different people, then a career in real estate may be a good fit for you. In a densely populated state like New Jersey,

Restore Suspended Driving License in NJ

nj license restoration

Welcome to the Step by step guide to restore expired and suspended New Jersey driving License Online. Is your NJ license expired, suspended or you forgot to renew it? if it is, then there is

NJ Ticket Lookup By Plate and Name

NJ Ticket Lookup by Plate or Name

If you can’t find your NJ Traffic Ticket Number then use the NJ Ticket lookup feature on MCCS(Municipal court Case Search) website. You can find additional details about the violation if you have the NJ

Best High Schools in NJ

Best High Schools in NJ

New Jersey is one of the best-performing states in education, coming in second for schooling, only behind Florida in its offerings for students. If you are in high school or have a student about to

Best Hiking Trails in NJ

Best Hiking Trails in New Jersey

If you live in New Jersey, you know there are many beautiful places to visit and hike. But, you may wonder what the best hiking trails in NJ are.  The Stairway to Heaven trail is

Best Colleges in New Jersey

Best Colleges in NJ

Are you seeking a college in the Garden State area and need informed suggestions? One of the schools mentioned in this article may be the right school for you. Several higher learning institutions in New

Best Public Golf Courses in New Jersey

Best Public Golf Courses in NJ

You wouldn’t think so, but some fantastic golf courses are open to the public in New Jersey. These courses are some of the best in the state, with sprawling footprints and vibrant histories that have

Best Places To Visit in NJ

Best Places To Visit in New Jersey

When visiting any state, you will want to go to some of the best places there are. With different places to visit, you may be wondering what are some of the best places to visit

Best Steakhouses in New Jersey

Best Steakhouses In New Jersey

New Jersey is known for its world-class restaurants, and the steakhouses in the Garden State are no exception.  Whether you’re looking for a traditional steakhouse experience or want to have a more contemporary meal, there

Best Restaurants in New Jersey

Best Restaurants in New Jersey

While it might not get the recognition for fine dining that places like New York City or Los Angeles might receive, New Jersey is still home to some of America’s finest restaurants.  In the guide

Best Places to Live in New Jersey

Best Places to Live in NJ or New Jersey

New Jersey has much to offer its residents, and daily, people move into the state and find their lives forever changed by the magic that is New Jersey. If you are new to the state

How to Get a Gun License in New Jersey?

Get a Gun License in NJ

Getting a gun license in New Jersey could be more complicated than in other states. New Jersey has steeper gun laws and has enacted several over the past few decades to curb gun violence and

Get a NJ Hunting License Online [ Step by Step Guide]

NJ Hunting License Online

New Jersey is home to prized hunting game like black bear, white-tailed deer, North American River Otter, and several fowl. Before resident and visiting hunters can test their skill on these and other local wildlife,

Best Beaches in New Jersey

Best Beach in NJ

Are you planning a trip to the beach but need to decide which beach to go to? The beaches mentioned in this article are all great to go to when you are on vacation.  The

Best Malls in New Jersey

Best Malls in New Jersey State

Even in the world of online shopping,  malls are still a fun place to shop, eat, and spend time with friends and family. New Jersey has plenty of great malls to enjoy. However, what are

How to get a Motorboat or Jet Ski License in NJ?

HOW to get New Jersey Jet Ski OR BOATING License

A motorboat or jet ski license is required for anyone operating a motorized water vehicle, like a motorboat or jet ski. Before entering the water, you must complete a few tasks, like getting your driver’s

How to Get a Teaching License in NJ?

Apply For Teaching License in NJ

Teaching is a rewarding career where you shape the lives of the next generation. It is also important enough that all states require some form of license or certification before they allow you to teach

How to Get a Fishing License in NJ?

Steps to Get A Fishing License in New Jersey

Boasting a coastline of nearly 130 miles providing direct access to the salt waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, 400 publicly accessible lakes, ponds and reservoirs, as well as 18,000 miles of public streams and

How to Change a Real ID Address in NJ?

Change NJ Real ID Address Online or at NJMVC

Whenever there is a change of address, the government wants to know about it. When moving to or about New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission requires this information for numerous other documents. Thankfully, it isn’t

Renew NJ Driving License Online

Renew New Jersey Driving License Online

It’s that time again – time to renew driver’s license in the state of New Jersey. You can renew your NJ driving license in person, but the quicker and easier way is to do it

NJ Surcharge Online Payment at

Pay NJ surcharge at

NJ Surcharge is a monetary fine charged by the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS) on drivers who are guilty of traffic violations or who have accumulated more than six points on their driving license records. If you

NJ E-ZPass: Buy and Pay Bill Online

NJ E-ZPass

New Jersey uses the NJ E-ZPass as a toll payment collect system. As it is the case with many other states in the USA where there are toll highways, tunnels, bridges, and high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

Renew Vehicle Registration in New Jersey

New Jersey Vehicle Registration Fee & Renewal Guide

In today’s guide, you will get to how to renew your NJ vehicle registration online and also how much it costs you to register your vehicle, the forms required to finish your vehicle registration or

NJUIFILE: Claim Unemployment Insurance in New Jersey

NJUIFILE - Claim unemployment benefits

NJUIFILE, also known as the New Jersey Unemployment Insurance File, offers New Jersey employees financial support when they become redundant without their mistake. Learn more about traffic ticket payment & NJ Ticket Lookup The

Plead Not Guilty to NJ Traffic Ticket


In our previous article, we have discussed the steps to pay NJ traffic ticket payment online. After that, some people have asked me that they are not guilty of the parking ticket charge and wants