Restore Suspended Driving License in NJ

nj license restoration

Welcome to the Step by step guide to restore expired and suspended New Jersey driving License Online. Is your NJ license expired, suspended or you forgot to renew it? if it is, then there is

NJ Ticket Lookup By Plate and Name

NJ Ticket Lookup by Plate or Name

If you can’t find your NJ Traffic Ticket number, then use the NJ Ticket lookup feature on the MCCS (Municipal Court Case Search) website. You can find additional details about the violation if you have

Change Real ID Address in NJ: Step-by-Step Guide

Change NJ Real ID Address Online or at NJMVC

Whenever there is a change of address, the government wants to know about it. When moving to or about New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission requires this information for numerous other documents. Thankfully, it isn’t

Renew NJ Driving License Online

Renew New Jersey Driving License Online

It’s that time again – time to renew driver’s license in the state of New Jersey. You can renew your NJ driving license in person, but the quicker and easier way is to do it

NJ Surcharge Online Payment at

Pay NJ surcharge at

NJ Surcharge is a monetary fine charged by the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS) on drivers who are guilty of traffic violations or who have accumulated more than six points on their driving license records. If you

NJ E-ZPass: Buy or Pay EZ Pass Bill Online

NJ E-ZPass

New Jersey uses the NJ E-ZPass as a toll payment collect system. As it is the case with many other states in the USA where there are toll highways, tunnels, bridges, and high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

Renew Vehicle Registration in New Jersey

New Jersey Vehicle Registration Fee & Renewal Guide

In today’s guide, you will get to how to renew your NJ vehicle registration online and also how much it costs you to register your vehicle, the forms required to finish your vehicle registration or

Register a Car in New Jersey at NJ DMV

Register a Car in New Jersey at NJ DMV

[toc] Are you a resident of New Jersey or planning to move to New Jersey? Then you need to know that car registration is vital. Why Do you need to Register your Car? The New

Plead Not Guilty


This article will guide you through the steps you need to follow to plead not guilty and fight your NJ traffic ticket in New Jersey State. In our previous article, we discussed the steps to